Saturday, March 22, 2014

You Rock! 2 Pillow Cases

Hi There!

Back in October 2013, I had some personal sewing lessons 101.  
I needed to learn how sew and use a sewing machine. 
 I had one but didn't know how to even thread it?! Ha!
My dear friend Ronna offered to teach me - she's a PRO and a quilter!! 
 She presented me with a BERNINA (can YOU believe it - for a BEGINNER) and lessons 101.  
We were busy!  
She had me start by sewing 2x4 pieces of fabric together, to make a square of 4x4. After 36 squares, I than stitched those 4x4 squares into a row of 6 alternating squares.  Then the 6 rows were attached to make a square.  Three hours later - yes my very first project was a doll quilt!!!
As we were sewing away, my son, Joaquin noticed a little monkey on ONE of the strips of fabric and asked if we were making a blanket for Mama Monkey (his lil'stuffy)  
One look at Ronna - and... I guess I was?!
So that's right, I went from sewing lessons -  to making  my very FIRST doll and/or Mama Monkey quilt!!
Here it is:

Who doesn't need a pillow to match - yep!  We made a mini-pillow and mini-pillow case (with french seams) to match!!

Quilt + pillow
Just darling aren't they.  What a first 101 lesson!!  High goals = beautiful work. ( If I do say so myself! )
Ronna is just too sweet for words.  
My lessons consisted of stitching, ironing (which I didn't do either!), stitch in the ditch and quilting (but that was done on her quilting machine)
Now on to the Pillow Cases
One of my nephews, Dylan, turned 10 on the 18th of March.  It was fitting that we showed him some fine work and let him know "You Rock" Dill Pickle (his nick name)
You ROCK! Pillow Case x2
and look at those French Seams...
French Seams
He WILL be "Rockin'out" in his dreams - he knows, he rocks! *wink wink

Ok - back to scrapbooking!  please check back again soon.

Thank you for stopping by
~ Danie ~

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