Sunday, July 6, 2014

Whoopee Your 50! -2TC79 - Red, White and Blue with Stars

Hi there 

I needed a silly, masculine 
BIRTHday card
Again, I had to play along with

2TC79 ~ Red, White and Blue with Stars!


Use the colors red, white and blue


Also use stars on your creation
I know as a Canadian, we usually think the American flag...
but NOT me!
I thought whoopee cushion red!!
SNORT!! SNORT! Fun card right?!!

I started by using blue and green cardstock
and my new washi caution tape
I stitched in white (top and bottom straight stitch
but the sides I zig-zag stitch)
I titled Whoopee ( but spaced it so 
you could also say "who pee??"
and of course the twist - red stars
{I love making 2 part cards}
(fitting that the flashing button has stars too)
get it
Whoopee your 50!
(not one person mentioned you're INSTEAD of your)
that was funny too!!

To complete this silly card
my new stamp
Yep, that finished up this card
and another great challenge 
over at
you should check it out

Thank you for stopping by
~ Danie ~

PS  It was a great party and the BIRTHday boy LOVED his card and flashy pin!
Happy BIRTHday Brian


  1. OMG this is awesome! lol So creative!!

  2. This is hilarious! So creative and funny. I bet they totally thought it was a GAS! (HAHAHA!!!) Well done, fellow Canadian! Well done!
    Thanks for joining us over at Twisted Tuesday Challenges!