Sunday, April 3, 2016

Fuse Tool

Hi there!

Apparently, I live in a bubble and a little behind in the "NEW"
of  the scrapbooking world.

This weekend, I am retreating...
(Definition:  3 day full days of scrapbooking with a full ScrapMuch? store on hand at 

Elaine demonstrated the The Fuse Tool

I love , Love 
love it!
I could wait to start creating...

Here are a few cards I made:
 I up-cycled a large baggie and divided it into 3
The bottom was a Project Life card I added some corner 
sequins and inked the edges.
The middle section I added some sequins - wish I had added a bit more
The top portion I altered another project life card with gold.  
This is now the front of my card
- some lucky person will be receiving

Next, I did  a small card of thanks,
while I am away we are having some renos done to our house and 
I sent my little off to my friends house.
Bottom section is patterned paper cut to size (fitting into a small plastic baggie),
added a cut file arrow adorned with a heart enamel dot.
fused it
Middle section is red glitter and sequins
fused it
Top section, is a silhouette cut file "thanks"
I have to thank her for taking my little all weekend.

Truth is, I didn't get much done, other then fusing EVERYTHING I could
get my hands on. hahaha!!
I can't wait to keep creating with this tool.

Thank you for stopping by
~ Danie ~

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  1. New toys! Yippee. You'll have so much fun my creative friend. And for me who is less creative, well I'll just beg your indulgence when it comes time to 'bag it and scrap it'. LOL